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Scottish Islands Explorer is the UK’s only magazine devoted to exploring the islands of Scotland. It is published bi-monthly in full colour and contains wide-ranging articles on culture, language, environmental issues, archaeology, history, lifestyles, travel, wildlife and current affairs. Some articles focus directly on one island or a group while others develop a theme that links various islands. There are also regular features which include news from the islands, people profiles, places to visit, book, video and dvd reviews.

I am a regular contributor to this lovely magazine and my articles have appeared – or will appear – on the following dates.

January/February 2009
Sands that Sing – Eigg and Islay and how to make the most of this phenomenon.

March/April 2009
A Hidden Corner of Iona – exploring a secluded gully.

May/June 2009
Islands in Bloom – the abundance of wild flowers in springtime.

July/August 2010
Colonsay Recollected – our first visit and some of the best walks.
Unfortunately the photographs used were not mine and didn’t relate to the content of my article.






September/October 2010
Davaar … an Island with a Difference – a walk to an island near Campbeltown.
See my cover illustration above

March/April 2011
Tiree – Myths Dispelled – flat and no trees?
See my cover illustration above

July/August 2012
Islay Gin – my involvement in the development of a new Islay product.

January/February 2012
The World’s Most Graceful Lighthouse – a RIB trip to the Skerryvore.
The aerial photo isn’t mine – I wish it was – a trip in a plane would have been easier than our very bumpy 12 mile ride in a RIB.

March/April 2012
Over the Strand to Oronsay – information and advice.

November/December 2012
Bridging the Atlantic – Seil of the Slate Islands.

January/February 2013
Inchmahome – an island in the Lake of Monteith.

March/April 3013
Good Eigg – a week is not long enough to explore all Eigg has to offer.

May/June 2013
Flotsam and Jetsam – the good and the bad.

September/October 2013
Danna – crossing a causeway to a tiny island beyond Tayvallich.

November/December 2013
Otter Watching – sightings, tracks and signs – advice on seeking otters.

January/February 2014
Arran – an island of contrasts.

March/April 2014
Islands in Bloom – snowdrops and the earliest flowers of the year.

May/June 2014
Inspired by the Slate Islands – the story behind my poetry book -‘Slate Voices: Islands of Netherlorn’.

July/August 2014
Islay Lighthouses – history and anecdotes.

September/October 2014
Inspired by Tiree – how I came to write ‘Cry at Midnight’.

My photograph of the steps at Dun Mor Vaul appeared on the back cover of this issue.

Set on a rocky knoll at the north end of Tiree, these steps are inside the wall of the impressive Iron Age broch.




November/December 2014
Island Trees – surviving in a hostile environment.

January/February 2015
Sea Shells – the joy of collecting and a game to help with identification.

March/April 2015
Raven, Hooded Crow and Chough – similarities and differences.

May/June 2015
Beaches in Bloom – plants that survive in a tough environment.

July/August 2015
Inspired by Kerrera – exploring the setting for my children’s novel ‘Clickfinger’.

November/December 2015
Kintyre- the Mainland Island – an island experience without the island!

January/February 2016
Bernera – a tiny island at the south end of Lismore

March/April 2016
Island Orchids – the common and the rare.

July/August 2016
Inspired by Islands – island holidays and the books that inspired my writing.

September/October 2016
Alien Invaders of the Plant World – increasing threats to diversity and beauty.

November/December 2016
A Gift from a Writer’s Cabin – The Hagstone Chronicles – a special Christmas offer.






March/April 2017
Island Postal Services – remote post offices and the demise of the post bus.

May/June 2017
Machair – changes have led to a decline in the abundance of wild flowers.

July/August 2017
Island Shopping – how community shops serve their local communities.

September/October 2017
Raasay House -an impressive residence reborn as an Outdoor Centre.

January/February 2018
James McEwan – the lad who followed his nose.

March/April 2018
The Changing Face of Buildings – renovations and revolutions in usage.

May/June 2018
Significant Stones – bedrock, erratics and the legends they inspired.

July/August 2018
Barnacle Geese and Goose Barnacles – the relationship between the two.

September/October 2018
Alien Invaders of the Animal World – how introductions upset the balance while the introduction of the hare has no adverse effects.

November/December 2018
Murdoch McNeill’s Colonsay – a tribute to a Gaelic speaker, author and botanist.

January/February 2019
Island Deer – Red, Roe and Fallow.