I grew up reciting nursery rhymes, chanting the words and revelling in their rhythm. When I was six years old I was given a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. I treasured the book, learned many of the poems by heart and embarked on a lifetime of interest in poetry. Over the years I read hundreds of poems, developing an interest in those poets who had managed to evoke a sense of place within their work. Alongside reading, I wrote many poems, first drafts of events that had moved me, some of them sad, some of them purely descriptive, but none of them re-worked to be worthy of sharing.

When I began to write more seriously I felt in need of guidance and embarked on a series of courses over several years. Comments from The Open College of the Arts and two Arvon Courses gave me confidence to send out my work. In order to prepare for this huge step I spent hours in the Poetry Library in London selecting magazines that seemed to be on my wavelength. I then subscribed to them and after studying a few issues began to make submissions. That was in 2005 and since then over 120 poems have been published in the following magazines. LittoralEarthloveMoonstoneCoffee HousePurple PatchQuantum LeapUrban District WritersCygnusOtter NewsSouthReachDawntreaderSouthlight, Stravaig, Iota, Envoi, Poetry Scotland, Northwords NowOrizon Literar ContemporanPoetry Saltzburg and on webzines My Delayed ReactionsBolts of SilkOpen Mouse, Keep Poems Alive and the STANZA Poetry Map of Scotland.

Poems have also featured in Grey Hen anthologies – No Space but their Own, 2010, The Price of Gold, 2012 and Shades of Meaning, 2015; Shropshire Butterflies, Fairacre Press, 2011; These Islands We Sing, Polygon, 2011; and Poised in Flight, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2013.

Between 2010 and 2014 I concentrated on working towards Slate Voices: Islands of Netherlorn which was published in May 2014 by Cinnamon Press. From One Island to Another is an on-going work in progress.

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