November 2017 – the first full month in our new home.

It’s lovely to be here at last and to know that we don’t have to face another long journey up the motorway and across the sea to Islay.  Winter jasmine in bloom around the front door seemed to welcome us to our new home.

We are surrounded by boxes and will be for a very long time but we are making progress with essentials – mainly erecting bookshelves. A very expensive set back came from problems with the central heating boiler . On inspection it was condemned but  we were able to get it replaced surprisingly quickly.

The garden is going to need a vast amount of work but there are still flowers in bloom and the Liquidamber is showing that autumn is here

The Bramley apple tree is bearing well and it was lovely to have our grandchildren helping with the last of the apple picking. Now that they are only an hour away we are looking forward to seeing a lot more of them.

We have joined the Shropshire Badger Group and are learning more about these lovely creatures.  Across the Raebrook, the badger sett is in use and there are ample signs of tracks and footprints across the fields. The hedgerows are heavy with sloes and it was lovely to find a spindle in berry not far from the house.

Determined to make time to explore we had a walk from the house, across the fields to Bayston Hill where we had a meal in the local chippy before walking back. Another walk took us beside the old ill-fated Potts Line that ran between Shrewsbury and Llanymynech. A view from one of the bridges provided some lovely reflections.

We are enjoying leaving by the garden gate and crossing the little footbridge into open fields. Although much of the area is under arable, there are sheep in the field nearest the house. And in between the cultivated fields there are wide hedgerows with mature trees and a good range of shrubs. We are looking forward to familiarising ourselves with very different habitats from the ones we knew on Islay. No doubt this picture of Richard will be one of many in which he records the wildlife and scenery of our new location in Shropshire.