March 2018 – and the usual mix of mad March weather.

A little snow at the beginning of the month enhanced our river garden but soon turned to rain. Water crushed  down from the Welsh hills to flood the Raebrook – and our garden.

When the floodwater receded a moorhen ventured under the footbridge to forage among the debris. We often see them on the brook and in the river garden but this was a first for the main garden.

Winter visitors were still around – especially redwing and fieldfare. They’re easy to distinguish when you get views as good as these.

I’m sure that some of the nine blackbirds were visitors too as we don’t normally see so many together.  They feasted on the fat balls which they could reach from the terrace balustrade.

We had a  great treat when we went to a Youth Orchestra concert in the Birmingham Symphony Hall. Granddaughter Cerys played several percussion instruments. She even played the big bass drum which was quite a feat as she’s only just tall enough to see over the top.

Richard celebrated his birthday and, as always, I made his favourite cake – toffee walnut with a vanilla fudge topping.

So, Spring is officially here. Lesser celandines are popping up all over the garden. Blackthorn is in flower and soon there will be blossom on the trees in the garden.