Hagstone Chronicles

Sometimes when you write a story it runs away with you. One friend refers to her writing as ‘having legs’, meaning that it keeps on going. That’s what happened to me with The Hagstone Chronicles. I had started the story of Clickfinger, just for fun, just for something to do while on holiday with my grandchildren. Then I got stuck. It didn’t seem to have legs at all. My grandchildren told me that it wasn’t scary enough and the trouble for me was that I never liked scary stories. I don’t read scary stories and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to write scary stories. So I put Clickfinger to one side.

Soon after that I went on holiday and the ideas for Cry at Midnight pushed their way into my head. This story really did run away with me. I couldn’t stop writing. After several months I got to the end and read it to my granddaughter Cerys. When we reached the last sentence her face creased into a frown and her mouth opened in a great big O. She drew in her breath and said, ‘You can’t stop there, granny. You’ve got to write what happens next.’

I thought and thought and eventually ideas began to develop. What if my characters from Cry at Midnight joined the characters in Clickfinger? What would happen then? Well, the book will tell you, and it doesn’t stop there. In Book Three, The Snake Wand, the characters really did take over. I had no idea where they would go and I had many surprises as new characters appeared and the twists and turns of the story developed. Will there be a Book Four? We will have to wait and see.

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