December 2017 – another year draws to a close.

Snow snow snow – In the Hebrides snow was such a rarity that my eldest pupil made her first snowman at the age of eleven!  We abandoned school for the day and made footprints and snow angels and we had the inevitable snowball fights.

Here, the first fall came on the eighth and continued until the eleventh. It wasn’t much fun for people who had to go out to work but we were able to enjoy the garden and walks into the nearby fields. I took dozens of photographs and here are three of the best.

We loved everything about it but he best part was being able to follow badger footprints and to know for certain that they were safe inside their sett. 

On the 14th, no doubt brought down by the weight of snow, one of the willows in the river garden lost a branch and as the snow melted the river flooded

We made our first visit to Attingham Park where we enjoyed the display of decorated Christmas trees. There was one in every room and they were all splendid but my favourite was the one decorated in white origami peace doves.

For the first time in years we were able to have all our family together at Christmas. On New Year’s Eve we woke to an unusual  stripey sunrise – and a hope that 2018 will be a good year for us all.