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Merryn and Hamish MacQueen think that a cottage on the tiny island of Kerrera will be the perfect place to spend their summer holidays. There are wild goats and otters to watch; and there are beaches, cliffs, caves and the ruins of an ancient castle to explore.

To Hamish, their adventure on Tiree is as vague as a half-forgotten dream. To Merryn it is as clear as if it happened yesterday. She could never forget the horse that called at midnight or the challenges she had to face. Most of all she remembers Kester, the young wizard. Her dearest wish is to see him again, but the chances of that ever happening are very remote indeed.

She treasures the crystal that he gave her. The necklace of sea-beans and hag-stones still hangs round her neck, but since the death of the Tiree witch it has been still and silent. On their very first day on Kerrera everything changes. The necklace begins to throb – a sure sign that there is magic in the island air.

So begins another adventure, one that is even more perilous than the last. There are many children involved. All of them are in danger and only Merryn has the power to save them.

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