September 2015

Where did September go? After a rather poor summer the weather improved and I spent a lot of time gardening and enjoying our spectacular sea views and late summer blooms. 

Butterflies were still scarce, just single sightings of a painted lady, a peacock and a small tortoiseshell, but we followed the progress of an elephant hawk moth caterpillar which grew noticeably larger as it munched the leaves of rose bay willow herb.

Long days of grass cutting and tackling brambles left me too tired to make any progress with writing. On the other hand I did lots of reading. After watching TV adaptations of ‘An Inspector Calls’, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, ‘The Go Between’ and ‘Cider with Rosie’ I re-read the books and then did a fair amount of grumbling about the bits they’d omitted - and about the additions of things that weren’t in the original texts. ‘An Inspector Calls’ was, in my view, by far the best of the four and compared favourably with the original version in which Alastair Sim played the inspector. That reminded me of the TV adaptation of ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ which also starred Alastair Sim - so I re-read that too.

We spent the last day of the month heading south for the Cinnamon Press 10th Anniversary Weekend. We stayed overnight near Richmond and had a lovely walk in Swaledale before making our way to Rutland Water. There, the Guelder Rose was in spectacular bloom and, unlike the blackthorn back on Islay, sloes were ripening.

As I met up with Jan Fortune and lots of Cinnamon authors I knew that October was going to be a very special month