April 2018 – and spring is truly here.

The water level finally fell, the sun came out and the cherry tree in our river garden came into bloom.

A pair of goosanders frequented the Raebrook – providing an interesting contrast with the red-breasted mergansers which we often saw on the sea at the bottom of our Islay garden.

As her birthday fell in the Easter holidays  our daughter Caryl was able to come over for tea and her favourite chocolate orange cake birthday cake.  As you can see I had trouble with the icing. Luckily the wonky finish didn’t affect the taste.

Signs of spring come in the form of lambs in the fields opposite the house. We  hear the constant contact calls between ewes and their offspring although these twins seem happy enough to snuggle up together under an old tree trunk.

And this view of one of the entrances to the badger sett reminded me that spring is a time for spring-cleaning. Old bedding is scattered across the spoil heaps. Perhaps I should follow suit!